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Girls in Airports – ‘Dive’

Girls in Airports – Dive (Mawi Music. CD review by Nick Davies) Girls in Airports is one of the few young Danish indie jazz bands to have established itself internationally, with two of their albums, their fourth, Fable (2015), and fifth Live (2017) appearing on the British label Edition Records. The band consists of Martin Stender on saxophone, Lars Greve on saxophones and clarinets, Mathias Holm on keyboards, Victor Dybbroe on percussion. They have a first change in personnel for several years, with the forceful and authoritative  Anders Vestergaard (known for his work with pianist Jacob Anderskov) now on drums. This new album Dive on the Mawi label has an impressive energy about it. According to the press release: “On the album Dive, the five musicians dive into themselves and into the music. This time the melodies are not playing the leading part in the music but instead act as collective sequences that reflect the mind’s movements between light and darkness, life and death, optimism and discouragement”. On first hearing it is apparent that, rather than the individual instruments taking the lead, the collective plays together, developing the sound that is uniquely Girls in Airports yet subtly different from their previous releases. The band has produced a mature sound and clearly benefits from the time that they have played together, leaving the impression they understand and embrace their individual strengths as players and use them to good effect. At times, the music is mysterious and other times, truly cinematic. The composition lends itself to hints of Pink Floyd, notably in the track Weaver. Expect tracks that are either very mellow and chilled or full on from the outset but all are delivered in a way that’s not overpowering. They also have a good sense of creating soundscapes; they  enhance rather than dominate the music’s pulse and flow. Overall, another strong release from Girls in Airports, building on their previous records to achieve the heights of Dive. Discerning listening, falling very neatly into the jazz-rock category with heavy improvisation being the jazz connection. Certainly a good start for new listeners with regular surprises on a colourful musical journey, from start to finish. LINK: Dive on Bandcamp

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