Survey Launched on Livestreaming :

Pianist Sam Leak is part of a research team investigating livestreaming. They are currently doing a survey, for which responses are invited (click on the image to participate): 
Since the onset of COVID-19, (Sam Leak writes), a lot of musicians and promoters have had to turn to livestreaming as both a creative outlet and to make up for lost income. But questions arise:
– Is it effective for generating income?
– What technology do musicians need to get their heads around?
– Are audiences interested in it?
– Might it compromise artistic integrity?
– Will it still be with us in a post-COVID world?
These are some of the questions puzzling the music world right now, and Julia Haferkorn, Dr Brian Kavanagh, and I are trying to find answers for them. Can you help us by taking part in a 5-10 minute survey? It is for both musicians and audience members, we welcome all viewpoints, and you don’t need to have seen a livestream before to take part. You can take the survey here: 
The survey will be live until 24 February 2021.
The Livestreaming UK project has received UKRI rapid response funding from the Economic and Social Research Council. Project partners are Serious, the Musicians’ Union, the Music Venue Trust, the Incorporated Society of Musicians, and the Sheffield Performer and Audience Research Centre. It is a collaboration between Middlesex University and Kings College London. 

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