Film – ‘Wilderness’ released today

Sebastian writes:

A film which has picked up THIRTEEN different awards at film festivals, and which has very strong jazz connections is on release on digital platforms from today 5 April 2021. I have just reviewed it for The Arts Desk

  • The Guardian also reviewed it
  • The opening and closing sequence is Ornette Coleman ‘s Lonely Woman by the quartet of Tony Kofi, Byron Wallen, Larry Bartley and Rod Youngs
  • The director of the film Justin Doherty is the boss of the Bear Club in Luton, which – we understand – will be re-opening shortly
  • Jazz advisor to the film is a good friend of this site Paul Jolly of 33 Records
  • Jason Lee Lazell of Jazz on Film has also been involved
  • Also on the soundtrack are Damon Brown, Alex Webb, and Renato D’Aiello and Gaetano Di Giacomo’s Mad Trio
  • More about the film and where to watch it on the Baracoa Pictures website
  • The official trailer is HERE

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