Tickets going on sale for Pat Metheny’s Side-Eye (12 Jun 2022, Eventim Apollo, London)

Serious are announcing that tickets for Pat Metheny’s Side-Eye trio at the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith, on Sunday 12 June 2022, will go on sale on Thursday 29 April 2021 at 10am (link below)

Pat Metheny. Publicity photo supplied

Pat Metheny’s Side-Eye is a trio with pianist and keyboardist James Francies and drummer Joe Dyson.

Serious tell us that all seats in the hall up to the full 100% seated capacity will be on sale for this concert. Ticket prices are £40 and £60 plus booking fee.

As is the norm with Metheny’s bands, the single set starting at 8pm will consist of ‘music from across Pat Metheny’s massive career’ as well as new material.

Metheny writes: ‘I was the beneficiary of so many older musicians giving me a platform to develop my thing through the prism of their experience and music. I hear regularly from new players who have professed an influence from my records and I often invite them up to my house to play. Very often, it is really natural and organic to the music to play with them, they have literally grown up with it. I find myself inspired by how they deal with the musical challenges that come with the territory of some of those older tunes, and at the same time I find myself intrigued with the possibilities of what might be possible in writing new music just for them.’

LINK: BOOKINGS on Serious website

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