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German Jazz Prize (First Edition) – Nominees Announced

Sebastian writes: The nominees for the inaugural German Jazz Prize are announced today. It is a new set of awards. It has official support from the German Ministry of Culture. The Awards Ceremony will be held on 3 June. The main ceremony will be as part of the ELBJAZZ Festival in Hamburg, and there will also be awards given out in Berlin, Munich and Mannheim. Here is the complete list of nominees and jury members, as announced today:

Main Category 1: Artists

Main Category 2: Recording / Production

The nominees for vocal album and debut album

The nominees for international vocal and debt albums

Main Category 3: Live

Main Category 4: Composition / Arrangement

Main Category 5: Special Prizes

JURY: Sabine Bachmann, Christiane Böhnke-Geisse, Michèle Claveau,  Friederike Darius, Ulf Drechsel, Silke Eberhard, Michael Gottfried, Tina Heine, Pablo Held,  Burkhard Hopper,  Julian Hölscher,  Dieter Ilg,  Kalle Kalima, Rainer Kern,  Tinka Koch,  Nicola Kremer,  Martin Laurentius, Ina Lieckfeldt, Julia Neupert, Céline Rudolph,  Peter Schulze,  Sarah Seidel,  Sebastian Studnitzky,  Bugge Wesseltoft, Anastasia Wolkenstein

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