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Jim Mullen Trio at the 606 Club: Re-Opening Night (!)

Sebastian writes: Whereas there has been music coming from the 606 – the Chelsea club has been broadcasting a couple of live streams each week throughout the pandemic – last night, 20 May 2021, saw a significant event: the return of a live audience to the club to hear the Jim Mullen Trio. We (*) collected some thoughts and impressions of people who were there on a special night at a club which is a cornerstone of the London jazz scene….

L-R: Jon Scott, Jim Mullen, Mike Gorman. Photo courtesy of Laura Thorne

James Offer (606 Club Manager): What was significant about last night was the return of two things: the feeling of a collective experience, of the camaraderie an audience engenders when they are all together, all enjoying and experiencing the same thing. Second, the return of applause. During the live streams the transition from song to song was awkward and difficult for the musicians without any sound to break the silence. I think applause is equally important for the musicians and the audience. It is a mark of a job well done, and I was very happy to hear it again.

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Jim Mullen: It’s great to have a gig… and great to be back at the 606 after six months of sitting at home. Coming out of lockdown is wonderful. We are all really anxious to get back into playing again…I hope I can remember which fingers go on which strings! Quite exciting and nerve-wracking actually, not having done a gig for six months. But the Six is always a very welcoming and friendly club to play in, so once we get going I’m sure it will be fine. 

Jim Mullen. 20 May 2021. Photo courtesy of Laura Thorne

Mike Gorman: Playing at the 606 with The Jim Mullen Trio and a live audience back in the room was again a reminder of how something we all so easily took for granted before lockdowns is actually a special experience which, since the advent of the pandemic has become all too rare. As always they were the right combination of lively and attentive and they made for a great night.

Steve Rubie (606 Club Owner): After months of Live streaming bands to an empty room it was an absolute joy this last Thursday to welcome Jim Mullen and the trio back to perform before a real audience (remember those..?).

The band played great (as always) and audience were clearly so excited and pleased to be there that my introductory “Welcome to the 606”, which people usually listen to politely at best, was welcomed before I’d even finished the sentence with rapturous applause. And that very much summed up the evening. The musicians were clearly inspired by finally being able to play to real people and the audience, in it’s turn, made it clear to the band how much the music was being appreciated by them.

It really was a joy to experience. It felt like breathing out…

Laura G Thorne (606 Club Marketing Manager): The 606 is a landmark – but it’s the people that bring it to life. It really is a community, and seeing everyone in the Club coming together to enjoy live music makes me feel like coming home! I was answering the phone earlier in the day as well and it was so wonderful to speak to our customers again. I feel lucky to be a part of it. 

(*) Our sincerest thanks to Laura Thorne for collecting these personal reflections and for supplying the pictures.

LINK: 606 Club website for live and streamed events

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  1. Sebastian writes:
    Following the publication of this piece, three additional comments came in, in response to a special evening at the club. Thank you to Laura (again!) :

    Esther Bennett/jazz singer & 606 staff member
    Ah it was good to be back. The jazz and vibe in the room was electric with the musicians on top form. During this period the notion of staff as family has really intensified and…….cash in pocket. What’s not to like?

    Phil Ayres, Musician/606 regular
    Went to The Opening of The 606 last night and it was great to hear live music and to see so many friendly faces again! We need Live Music in London so we gotta support our great venues like The 606 and support our musicians who have had a really tough time during the pandemic.

    David O’Connor, 606 member
    It was great to be back seeing live music after so long. Looking forward to seeing more and getting back to the 606 and all the other Music Venues in London.

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