Vladyslav Sendecki and Jürgen Spiegel (2nd album for release later in 2021)

Sebastian writes: The Hamburg-based duo of pianist Vladyslav Sendecki and drummer Jürgen Spiegel will following up the success of their Two in the Mirror (2019 – reviewed here) with a new duo album which has just been recorded.

Sendecki is best known for his 25 years as pianist of Hamburg’s NDR Bigband. Spiegel is a long-standing member of Trio Tingvall.

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The recording took place on the weekend of International Jazz Day and May Day 2021. The recording venue was the newly equipped Jazzsaal at Hamburg’s Hochschule für Musik und Theater.

A good friend of LJN, photographer Kat Pfeiffer was there, and spoke to Sendecki and Spiegel about their forthcoming album- and took this picture:

Vladyslav Sendecki (left) and Jürgen Spiegel (right). Photo by Kat Pfeiffer

Kat Pfeiffer writes: While both artists set their store by simplicity and emotional authenticity, they both see their work on the new album as going in the direction of a production which will be much more interlinked and thought-through and mature. The musical conversation is at the same time very personal and very open.

Sendecki is a piano virtuoso, has a strong sense both of the compass of the keyboard and of creating a quasi-orchestral sound. This leaves Spiegel free to create a surrounding texture and also to punctuate and interact rhythmically with Sendecki’s melodic flow.

Rather than exhaustive pre-planning and rehearsing, freedom in the moment is important. As Sendecki says: “I am free in my mind, heart, soul and body. The moment of playing is leading the composition into what it becomes. My whole life I’ve been working on playing what I am just feeling in a moment.”

The new album is currently expected to be released towards the end of the 2021.

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