‘911 Blue (For George)’ new single for Int. Human Rights Day – with Bill Laurance

A new single. 911 Blue (For George) is released today, 10 December, International Human Rights Day, featuring Nick Etwell – Trumpet, Bill Laurance – Piano, Daniel Drury – Bass and Simon Lea – Drums. Proceeds from this track will raise money for the Black Lives Matter Global Network

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Nick Etwell writes:

There are no easy words to portray how it feels to witness a life being extinguished before your eyes. The murder of George Floyd last year, broadcast so brutally via our screens across the world, created such hurt, outrage and anger that like many others, I felt compelled to respond somehow to this shocking and terrible injustice. To express our collective feeling that too many people have lost their lives in similar tragic circumstances based on nothing more than the colour of their skin. The urge to sit down at the piano and write a piece of music inspired by what you’ve just seen happen halfway around the world, thousands of miles away is a powerful thing.

The sense of community and communion that music creates in bringing people together every day, in worship, celebration or commiseration, is a powerful and spiritual thing. Especially meaningful in times of pain, the healing qualities of music are a much needed balm for the soul, transcending race, religion and geography; bridging social and racial divides; bringing us all together: the one true universal language we have. There is still such a long way to go to end racial injustice the world over, but George Floyd’s death shocked us all into paying full attention in a stark and unflinching way that will not be forgotten. He won’t be forgotten. We don’t always have the right words to express ourselves properly, but we do have music. This is for George. Peace and love ❤️

Artwork by Chris Barker

LINK – for listening or downloading

911 Blue (For George) is released on Color Red

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