Most-reads on LJN, including those we have lost in 2021…

Sebastian writes:

LondonJazz News, the site, our social media feeds and our Wednesday morning newsletter only make a difference if what we produce is actually read, so I have gone through an exercise of tracking the year 2021 to see our most-read posts…

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Our most-read articles fall fairly neatly into three groups: firstly, there were several articles about those whom we have sadly lost during the past year, secondly there have been some very popular album reviews, and thirdly some pieces about Pat Metheny. So, rather than ranking them, here they, are listed by category

Thank you to all those who have contributed, and to our many thousands of readers. And best wishes for a MUCH better 2022.

Sebastian (Editor) and team.

Chick Corea, who passed away in January 2021, and Tim Garland in 2016

1) People who have passed away during 2021.

It is a sad roll call of some very great figures. This is definitely not an exhaustive list of people in jazz who have passed away merely those posts we have published which happen to have received a lot of readers…


  • At the end of January we published tributes to violinist Sonia Slany


  • We also lost – again too soon – saxophonist Steve Main


  • …and also published a grateful tribute to him from Ian Bateman



2) Three Album Reviews

Our three most-read reviews of the year were:

XXXX from Wollny/ Parisien / Lefebvre / Lillinger  (Jon Turney’s album review of the ACT label)

Lady Blackbird album Black Acid Soul

King Crimson – Music is Our Friend/ Robert Fripp – ‘Music for Quiet Moments’ (both reviews by John Bungey)

3) Four articles about Pat Metheny

Ti (Sirabhorn) Muntarbhorn and Pat Metheny in 1975

Ten Tracks I can’t Live without…. By Simon Lasky

Our interview with the dedicatee of the tune Sirabhorn

Album review – Side Eye

Album Review – The Road to the Sun

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