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Celebrating the Life of Dick Laurie (1935-2020) – The Norbiton, Kingston, 9 Jan. 2022

Jim Trimmer writes:

Dick Laurie (Band Leader, Clarinet player, Editor/Journalist, Wit and all round Good Chap…) was an early victim of Covid in April 2020. It’s been tricky to organise any kind of memorial do since then, what with lockdowns and other unhelpful interventions, but we’re finally got something sorted out (details in the flyer below)

Among the people who will be putting in an appearance to celebrate the Elastic Band era are Alan Barnes, Al Nicholls and Janusz Carmello.”

Update 11 Jan 2022. Digby Fairweather has uploaded pictures of the event including this one. OTHER PHOTOS.

LINK: Dick Laurie’s passing reported on Facebook by Ian Maund of Sandy Brown Jazz

Flier by Paula Martyr from Half Moon from 2018

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