They met in Southend..

Digby Fairweather and Evan Parker at Jazz Centre UK. Photo by Nick Dart

Sebastian writes:

This is one of the more improbable pictures we have published. Two figures from the opposite ends of UK jazz. I asked Digby Fairweather to tell the story of what happened. He explained:

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“At the start of my career, I played a lot of free jazz with percussionist Trevor Taylor . He opened my eyes to fact that free jazz was just another expression of the music we love. I got to knew Barry Guy and Ian Brighton, for example, and many other of musicians in his circle.

“When I founded Jazz Centre UK in 2016, I was determined that we should always celebrate every area of jazz from New Orleans to the current scene… and everything in between. So when Trevor Taylor told me we could get Evan Parker to come and play I was thrilled. It was a delightful musical experience, I love what he does.”

Evan Parker played with trombonist Robert Jarvis and Matt Wright on turntables/samples . They played “Trancemap Plus” , a re-working of Evan and Matt’s original Trancemap project.

L-R: Evan Parker, Matt Wright. Robert Jarvis. Photo courtesy of Mark Kass

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