‘Fones’ by Lara Eidi and Dave Manington

Composer Dave Manington and Singer-Songwriter Lara Eidi have released another collaboration. Their new single/video combines Greek, Maqam and UK sounds. Lyrics are from the poem “Fones” (meaning voices), in its original Greek by celebrated Greek- Egyptian poet Constantine P. Cavafy  (1863– 1933), whom E.M Forster once described as “a Greek gentleman in a straw hat, standing absolutely motionless at a slight angle to the universe”. The lyrics, courtesy of the Onassis Foundation appear at the end of the video. Manington and Eidi will be releasing an EP later in the year

Lara writes:

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“I’ve been re-connecting with my Lebanese- Greek roots lately, listening to the likes of Oum Khaltoum and Fiaruz. So when Dave sent me his composition which was full of phrygian and maqam influences, it felt like poetic timing. I just had to find the perfect lyrics, and that’s when I connected to my now home of Athens. A trip to the Onassis Digital Archive led me to unearth one of Constantine P. Cavafy’s lesser known poems , “ Fones” , (Greek for “ Voices”). Cavafy, known the world for his epic poem of Ithaca inspired me to then sing Dave’s piece and interlay it with tons of vocal harmonies. Together with percussionist Vasilis Sarakis, we fused electric guitar, percussion, voice, effects, bass , and poetry to deliver something we were both thrilled by. It’s authentic as can be, and was made complete by multi-disciplinary artist Geoffa Fells , who created the art work for ‘Fones’ .” (quote ends)

Music composed by Dave Manington

Vocal arrangement Lara Eidi

Dave Manington : composition/ arranger / double bass/ electric guitar/
Mixing and mastering

Lara Eidi: voice / bv/ poetry arrangement / vocal arrangement

Vasilis Sarakis: percussion

Covert Art : Geoffa Fells

Video exclusively premiered on 6 May at: Backseat Mafia

Available on Bandcamp / support the artists

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