Swanage Jazz Festival 2022

We are putting together contributions we have received or spotted to do with this year’s Swanage Jazz Festival..

Audience for the Nigel Price Organ Quartet. Photo credit: John Morrow
  1. On his Bristol Jazz Log blog, Jon Turney has done a superb WRITE-UP, with pictures of the festival’s “unbeatable location”.
  2. Photographer John Morrow has kindly allowed us to use some photos
  3. Festival Chair Paul Kelly has done a round-up in the form of some numbers
Click HERE for Jon’s full report


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“Days: 2.5

Venues: 12

Acts in the main programme: 49

Acts in the Fringe: 18

Acts in total: 67

Musician performances: 325

Jazz DJs: 1

Festival Parade: 1

Jazz Films: 2

Jazz Photographic exhibition: 1

Jazz Book promotion: 1

CD launch: 1

Jazz Train rides: 2

Jazz Bus:  1

Tickets sold: 693

Parliamentary Jazz Award Winner Performances: 3

Most performances over the weekend – Terry Quinney: 5 in 5 different bands including MD of Dorset Youth Jazz Orchestra

Festival programmes printed and distributed: 1,000

Pianos brought in and removed: 2

B3 Hammond organs, pedals and Leslie brought in to a 2nd floor venue and later removed: 1

Stewards and Volunteer sessions: 173

Organising Committee: 8

Sponsors: 1

Funders: 3″ (NUMBERS END).

Mark Kavuma. Photo credit: John Morrow

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