Keith Jarrett: ‘Bordeaux Concert’ (rec. 2016) for release on 30 September on ECM

ECM announces today the release of Bordeaux Concert, the last solo concert by Keith Jarrett in France, recorded at the Auditorium de l’Opéra National de Bordeaux on July 6, 2016.

A single is released today:

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The press release stresses that at this concert, “the lyrical impulse was to the fore.” Jarrett improvised a thirteen-part suite, and at the end of the concert, Francis Marmande wrote in his beautifully turned review for Le Monde, that Jarrett said (translated back from French): “You are literally an extraordinary audience. I thank you. And, believe me, I don’t say that every time.


The first turn of the publicity machine for the new album is an exclusive interview for NPR by Nate Chinen

Summarizing/ extracting from the interview:

On his health post-stroke. He says: “I’ve been using my legs more. And walking with and without a cane in different circumstances. […] As for recovering, I mean, I’m not sure. My right hand is not like my right hand was, and my left hand is not at all. […] “Well, the one limitation with my right hand is that my little finger has to play the melody. That is not true of having both hands. And the rest of my hand is there to pretend to play the chord.”

About Part III (the single above): “I didn’t have any thoughts except: “Whoever played that did the right thing.” That’s how I listen. I don’t listen to say to myself, “I succeeded at something.” The something I succeed at is to not prepare. That melody doesn’t conform to the kind of melody writing that one could make if they were writing it. It just conforms to its own self, which is what I want to see happen with my stuff.

(Extracts from Nate Chinen interview. (LINK TO FULL INTERVIEW)


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