Nikki Iles Announced as Composer-in-Residence at NDR Bigband for 2023

NDR Bigband has announced in a press release today 30 August that the band’s Composer in Residence for the calendar year of 2023 will be Nikki Iles

Nikki Iles. Screengrab from NDR video (link below)

Extract (translated) from original press release:

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Nikki Iles: Composer in Residence of the NDR Big Band

The collaboration with pianist, composer and arranger Nikki Iles opens a new chapter in the NDR Bigband’s long history of affection for British bandleaders.

Nikki Iles came to the attention of the musicians of the NDR Bigband through the NDR Bigband’s composer and arranger panel. The first collaboration was so inspiring and successful that the band has decided to invite her as “Composer in Residence” for the calendar year 2023. Thus, the musician will be present and take part in two seasons – as composer, arranger and bandleader.

“I love the NDR Bigband, it’s an honour to work with them,” says Nikki Iles.

“We’re thrilled to be able to work regularly with this fantastic arranger and bandleader over the next few months,” says Michael Dreyer, the new manager of the NDR Bigband. Commissioned works, productions and concerts in the broadcasting area are planned. (ends)

LINK: Original German text of Press Release. (also includes video)

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  1. Nikki Iles…a superb choice. Modern and tasteful arrangements.
    Look forward to hearing the band playing her work.

  2. Absolutely delighted for her really enjoy her music and will be interested to hear the big band music

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