‘Music for Black Pigeons’ (jazz documentary): premiere this week

Variety (*) is reporting that a new film, ‘Music for Black Pigeons’, by Danish directors Andreas Koefoed and Jørgen Leth will have its premiere at the Venice Film Festival this week.

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The title comes from a Jakob Bro tune on his album Uma Elmo. Here is the 2-minute trailer.

Jazz people appearing in the trailer above:

Mark Turner
Thomas Morgan
Joey Baron
Andrew Cyrille
Palle Mikkelborg
Jakob Bro (also with a music credit)
Bill Frisell
Joe Lovano
Midori Takada
Arve Henriksen
Lee Konitz
Jon Christensen
Paul Motian
Manfred Eicher

Directors’ Statements:

JØRGEN LETH : My first film was a portrait of jazz pianist Bud Powell. That was 59 years ago. In 2008, I had not been involved with jazz for many years. But when I was offered to visit a recording session in New York with the Danish jazz guitarist Jakob Bro, I could not help it. Lee Konitz would be there. One of my great heroes from the old days. On that day, past and present came together, and the rest—as they say—is history.

ANDREAS KOEFOED : In my childhood, I was a soloist in Copenhagen’s boys’ choir and toured Europe. The experience of standing in a choir of 100 boys in a large church room and singing works by Bach, Mozart and Handel gave me an early and very physical sense of the enormous power of music and its ability to touch people. I have been filming Jakob Bro since we were in New York in 2008, where Jakob recorded his first international record, Balladeering. His music speaks instinctively to me, and he and the musicians I have met through him have made a deep impression on me.

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