John McLaughlin sits in at the 606

On Wednesday morning 14 September, John McLaughlin (@jmcl_gtr) tweeted: “Jamming in London @606club with my eye doctor @DrDanReinstein.”

John McLaughlin and bassist Steve Rose. From the @jmcl_gtr Twitter feed

It turns out that the guitar great is an old friend of Dr Dan Reinstein‘s going back about 20 years. McLaughlin was in London for about 48 hours and called Dan to get together, to which, we hear, saxophonist (and eye surgeon) responded that he was playing gig on Tuesday 13 September… and invited McLaughlin to join him down at the 606. As ever, the sound of surprise…

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Thank you to Steve Rubie for this background. Any more first-hand accounts welcome.

LINK: 606 Club Programme

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