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Cellicious (Kate Shortt and Rupert Gillett) at Lauderdale House

Rupert Gillett and Kate Shortt. Phone snap.

Cellicious (Kate Shortt and Rupert Gillett)

(Lauderdale House, 22 September 2022. Short live review by Sebastian Scotney)

This was a clever choice to welcome a loyal audience back for the 2022-2023 season of Thursday jazz nights at Lauderdale house.

Cellist/ singer/ comedian Kate Shortt is a very special presence on the London jazz scene. An authentically funny person whose enthusiasm, positivity and good humour (and good/wicked sense of humour) are just as real and natural off-stage as they are in performance… where you also get the benefit of some nonchalantly brilliant musicality , communication and the kind of empathy and leadership skills from which anyone stands to learn.

I also liked fellow cellist/ singer Rupert Gillett’s kerflooey (look it up) sense of humour:

“We have a special deal on CDs tonight. They’re £10, And if you don’t like it, please return it and we’ll send you a CD we don’t like.” (*)

The two work together very well as a duo, and Gillett is a great jazz improviser. I was thinking at one point he must have listened quite a lot to the Grappelli/Lockwood way of improvising lines on the violin, but wherever it comes from he is a persuasive and very fluent jazz player.

Kate Shortt has a great new song which remembers the Vortex’s David Mossman, who called her “two t’s”. It is all about the welcoming spirit of community.

This is a great show. I was told that the duo recently did a house concert for a birthday party. What a GREAT idea, If there are readers out there whose budgets and room dimensions extend to such things, just do it.


Thursday 6 October 2022, 8pm
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Thursday 20 October 2022, 8pm
Karen Sharp Quartet

Thursday 3 November 2022, 8pm
Nigel Price Organ Trio, feat. Vasilis Xenopoulos

Thursday 17 November 2022, 8pm
Henry Lowther’s Still Waters with Dave Green

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(*) Buy the CD (and take advantage of the deal above)

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