Jason Yarde suffers stroke/ rehabilitation Crowdfunder open

Jazz Refreshed put out a statement yesterday 13 October: Some of you may have heard about our brother Jason Yarde. He suffered a massive stroke on stage in France but luckily doctors were able to operate quickly. Jason will need all of our support and help with his rehabilitation. Jason has been an integral part of the UK jazz movement and has been a musical inspiration for so many…including us at Jazz Refreshed.

Jason Yarde. Publicity photo

Here is the text from the Crowdfunder which has been opened (LINK BELOW)

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On the evening of Friday 7th October, at Pavillon République in Toulouse, France, much-loved father, brother, friend and phenomenal composer/musician Jason Yarde suffered a massive stroke while on stage performing.

It was extremely lucky that paramedics were at the gig and quickly got Jason to the hospital. A bleed was found on his brain. Having caught it so fast, Jason was operated on swiftly in the hospital, and as a result, we are relieved to say they are now discussing next steps and his return to the UK. Some may know that Jason also underwent heart surgery in November 2020, so he was in a fragile state before the incident.

When Jason returns to the UK, those who love him want to ensure he can focus on his rehabilitation and not worry about how to afford what will be substantial costs including any physiotherapy, massage therapy, accommodation and living costs.

“Big bro needs a rest. Knowing him, he’ll likely want to dust himself off quickly and busy himself in various ways even after this, but he now needs all of our help to make sure he does exactly the opposite for a while. With suitable recovery plans and care in place we can rightfully aim to get him back to full health and making more world-class contributions as a musician, composer, arranger, father and brother. He has been a somewhat unsung musical hero to many, including me, and I’d personally like to see this as an opportunity to both support him in his full and steady recovery and hopefully do some of that long overdue singing.” James Yarde.

We call on as many of you as possible to be part of Jason’s village and help him on the road to recovery and rehabilitation.

While we work out just how much will be needed, we’re setting an initial £50k target to get things started. We are living through a real cost-of-living crisis, so please know any contribution will be wholeheartedly appreciated.


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  1. Clemmie Yarde has given this update on Facebook :

    “He’s doing well, short term. He’s still in Toulouse, having regular physio especially for his left hand and feeling good in himself albeit exhausted. More tests and assessments this week and we’ll know when he’s homeward bound. Long term is still a waiting game.”

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