“Morden You Know” – Jazz Standards within the M25…

Sebastian writes: It’s London…it’s jazz…so I guess it concerns us here at LJN… so we’re posting about it…

Our good friend Nigel Price opened up a particular floodgate on Facebook (over 700 suggestions so far) by writing

“Jazz standards inside the M25. I’ll go first. Malden Voyage. Someday Ewell be sorry. Harrow, Young Lovers.”

We(*) looked for the ones that had had the most ‘likes’ and here are the TOP TEN at the time of looking:

  1. Morden You Know
  2. It Ain’t Necessarily Soho
  3. I Shard Care (all Nigel Price)
  4. Pinner Urge (Paul Stuart Briggs)
  5. Things Ain’t What They Euston Be (Milo Fell)
  6. Highgate no kick from champagne (Rose Taït)
  7. Oh Wembley Saints Go Marching In (Mohammed Nazam and Nigel Price)
  8. I Thought About Euston (Simon Nelson)
  9. Cheshunt Roasting on an Open Fire (technically not in the m25) (Mike Chillingworth)
  10. Bewitched, Bothered and Bewillesden (Ian Elson)

And here is a selection of others that have had a good response

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Bye Bye Blackheath
I Only Have Hayes for You
My Funny Balhamtine
Streatham With Some Barbecue
The Nearness of Kew
The Stanmore I See You
Bermondsey! Why not take Bermondsey
24 hours from Tulse Hill
Sunbury Loves Me
So Watford?
Oh Dear, What Can the Battersea
I Get Along Without You Camberwell
Edgware or When
Romford My Baby, and Stanmore for the Road
Nigel Price
Biggin the Beguine
Edgware or when
In an Arndale Centre Mental Mood
I Thought About Euston
There Is No Greater London Council
Hendon, I’m in Hendon
Mornington Lockett Crescent
Kilburn Me Softly

(*) Thank you Assistant Editor Charlie Rees for doing the work!

LINK: The original Facebook post

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