TransAtlantic Trance Map (17 Dec., line-up includes: Evan Parker, Peter Evans, Craig Taborn, Sylvie Courvoisier and Mat Manieri

Evan Parker (photo Michael Hoefner/ Creative Commons) and Sylvie Courvoisier (publicity photo)

Sebastian writes: Evan Parker has written and drawn to our attention a project with a fabulous line-up based on live, internet-based interaction between a group at The Hot Tin in Faversham in Kent and a group at Roulette in Brooklyn . It has the title TransAtlantic Trance Map.

Quoting the official blurb: Two all-star ensembles meet for a live real-time ‘audio in-sync’ trans-Atlantic performance at Roulette, Brooklyn NYC (3pm EST start time) and at The Hot Tin in the UK (8pm GMT start time), with screens in each venue showing the simultaneous live action in the other space.

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Evan explains: “The link between the two venues will use a piece of software called Sonobus which severely reduces and sometimes eliminates latency and makes real time interaction possible.  There will also be screens in each venue for visual links between the two venues but that will be subject to the usual time lag.  We did a less ambitious version with part of the band in Hamburg and students from the Musikhochschule about a year ago…and everything worked.”


At Roulette:

Ned Rothenberg bass clarinet and shakuhachi

Craig Taborn keyboards

Ikue Mori laptop

Sylvie Courvoisier piano

Mat Manieri viola,

Sam Pluta live electronics.

At Hot Tin:

Matt Wright live processing and turntable

Pat Thomas live electronics,

Hannah Marshall cello

Robert Jarvis trombone

Alex Ward clarinet,

Peter Evans trumpet

Evan Parker soprano saxophone.

The Hot Tin has a capacity of 80 and there is a booking link below

With thanks to the Robert Bielecki Foundation


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