jazzahead! news: NY presence in January… Line-ups for four international bands announced

Sebastian writes: jazzahead! has announced two new developments today in a press release, both related to the motto/strapline for next year’s jazzahead! : BUILDING BRIDGES ’23

  • 1) The first announcement is that jazzahead! will have a presence in New York in January 2023, with two events in the run-up to this year’s edition of the worlds largest jazz trade fair. One of these will be a premiere performance of a new band led by Ingrid Laubrock.
  • 2) Also announced are the line-ups for the other three bands led by German musicians who have made their lives abroad who, like Laubrock, have been given the opportunity to bring new bands to give showcase performances in Bremen: Austria-based saxophonist Heinrich von Kalnein, Netherlands-based Felix Schlarmann and saxophonist Daniel Erdmann who makes his home in France. Full line-ups in the press release below.
  • The next announcement will be the announcement of the showcase bands, currently scheduled for mid-January

(FULL TEXT OF JAZZAHEAD PRESS RELEASE BEGINS) A jazzahead! delegation will be in New York in January.

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jazzahead! Building Bridges in New York

Four “Commissoned Works” are announced as part of the Germany partner country programme. Band line-ups announced.

jazzahead! in New York: a delegation from Bremen will be travelling to the U.S. metropolis in January to present jazzahead! and this year’s partner country Germany. And that’s not all: Ingrid Laubrock will give an exclusive concert in the run-up to jazzahead! 2023 with her newly formed ensemble “Lilith” at the renowned Blue Note Club on 14 January.

In addition, a panel discussion on jazz in Germany will be taking place two days earlier at the Goethe-Institut, with Charlotte Greve, Ingrid Laubrock, Timo Vollbrecht and Tobias Meinhart, all German musicians who have developed strong networks in the USA, and who live and work there.

Ingrid Laubrock will lead the premiere performance by a US/German band Lilith at the Blue Note NYC on 14 January. Photo credit: © M3B GmbH/Nicki Chavoya

“We want to strengthen artistic exchange”
Saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock is one of the four artistic directors of the “Commissioned Works” series, an artistic concept which will be a part of the jazzahead! 2023 partner country programme. Germany, which will be in focus as partner country in the next edition, will cooperate musically with four other countries – three neighbouring countries Austria, France and the Netherlands as well as the USA. Sybille Kornitschky, who runs jazzahead! for Messe Bremen says of the “Commissioned Works”: “At the core of our plans is the idea of artistic exchange. We want to shed new light on and thus strengthen it too.” Both Peter Schulze and Götz Bühler will be travelling to the USA on behalf of jazzahead!

The other three “Commissioned Works” in detail: the bandleader of the Austrian formation is saxophonist Heinrich von Kalnein. Drummer Felix Schlarmann leads the project with the Netherlands, and saxophonist Daniel Erdmann will lead the venture with France.
Kornitschky: “We selected the musical directors in consultation with our cooperation partners, but the leaders themselves had a completely free hand in putting together their ensembles, which naturally – and this is something that we are working together with the partner organisations – are intended to have a life beyond jazzahead!”

Ingrid Laubrock talks about the project.
Ingrid Laubrock is very pleased to be part of this project, and is looking forward to working with her band “Lilith”: “At this early stage when a project only exists in the composer’s imagination, it is somewhat daunting to find a name for it and to write about it. When I was thinking about a potential name for the band, it occurred to me how rare it is to have an Adam and an Eve in the same group. And that reminded me of Lilith, Adam’s first wife. Unlike Eve, Lilith was formed at the same time and from the same clay as Adam. There are several myths around Lilith, but they all have one thing in common: she is not submissive, but powerful and feared. At a time when women’s rights are in danger of being abolished, put into reverse, or indeed simply don’t exist, it seems appropriate to celebrate a dangerous and uncomfortable woman.”

The complete line-ups of the four bands whose premiere performances will be given at jazzahead! in Bremen between 27 April and 30 April are announced:

Ingrid Laubrock / USA
Ingrid Laubrock: saxophones
David Adewumi: trumpet
Adam Matlock: accordion 
Eva Lawitts: double bass
Yvonne Rogers: piano  
Henry Mermer: drums

Heinrich von Kalnein / Austria
Heinrich von Kalnein: tenor and soprano saxophones, flutes
Jakob Helling: trumpet and flugelhorn
Theresia Philipp: alto saxophone and clarinet
Alois Eberl: trombone
Hanno Busch: guitar
Sebastian Scobel: piano and electric piano
Gina Schwarz: double bass
Reinhold Schmölzer: drums

Felix Schlarmann / Netherlands
Felix Schlarmann: drums
Ben van Gelder: alto saxophone
Mete Erker: tenor saxophone
Olivier van Niekerk: guitar
Liva Dumpe: vocals
Franz von Chossy: piano
Pat Cleaver: bass

Daniel Erdmann / France
Daniel Erdmann: tenor saxophone
Théo Ceccaldi: violin
Hélène Duret: clarinet
Vincent Courtois: cello
Robert Lucaciu: bass

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