Ivo Neame announced as Artist in Residence 2023, Cologne Contemporary Jazz Orchestra

A statement from theCologne Contemporary Jazz Orchestra (our translation) states:

“The Cologne Contemporary Jazz Orchestra (CCJO), which celebrated its 20th anniversary last autumn, will be performing regularly at the LOFT from now on and is celebrating its premiere with a real highlight: British pianist and composer Ivo Neame will be the orchestra’s first Artist in Residence in Cologne.

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Ivo Neame is best known for the band Phronesis, with which he tours worldwide at major festivals, as well as with the Marius Neset Quartet, Hermeto Pascoal, Gilad Hekselman and others.

He has composed music for large ensembles such as the London Sinfonietta and has been awarded numerous prizes.

Ivo’s music combines the improvisational flexibility of small ensembles with the power and sound possibilities of a large ensemble, exploring the entire field of tension between improvisation and composition. In doing so, it is often rhythmically complex without abandoning its roots in jazz and music related to jazz.

In its new “Artist in Residence” programme, the CCJO will in the future present a special musical guest each year and work closely with him or her. In the first half of the year, there will be a concert to get to know each other, before the artist in residence writes a programme for the Cologne Contemporary Jazz Orchestra for the second half of the year, which will be presented at two concerts in NRW.” (statement ends)

The inaugural event of the residency will be on 5 March at 6pm at the LOFT. Details HERE

LINK: LJN coverage of Ivo Neame

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