Programme for 2023 Steinway 2-Piano Festival at Pizza Express Dean Street announced (18-23 Mar.)

Pizza Express Live has announced the line-up for its annual Steinway 2-Piano Festival at the Dean Street venue.

22 March: Sunna Gunlaugs and Julia Hulsmann at the Harpa Concert Hall in Reykjavik. Photo credit: Hans Vera

Sebastian writes: This is a fascinating list of piano pairings. Probably the hottest ticket is the closing night with Emmet Cohen and Danny Grissett. I vividly remember hearing Emmet Cohen in a trio led by his mentor Christian McBride in 2017 (REVIEW), but since then his “Emmet’s Place” videos became first a lockdown sensation, and then an institution: they have now clocked up nearly 22m YouTube views.

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18 Mar 2023 Elchin Shirinov & Ivo Neame 13:00
18 Mar 2023 Ian Shaw & Liane Carroll 19.00 and 22:00
19 Mar 2023 Julian Joseph + Gwilym Simcock 13:00 and 20:00
20 Mar 2023 Brian Kellock & David Newton 20:00
21 Mar 2023 Joe Stilgoe & Joe Webb 20:00
22 Mar 2023 Julia Hulsmann & Sunna Gunnlaugs 20:00
23 Mar 2023 Emmet Cohen & Danny Grissett 19:00 and 22:00

LINK: Festival homepage

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