Kim Cypher. ‘Tomorrow’s Song’ feat. Liane Carroll

Vocalist/ saxophonist Kim Cypher has just released a new video at 2pm, today 24 February 2023:

Kim Cypher has written: “It’s good to dream and it’s good to reach for the stars. Having recently recorded an instrumental version of ‘Tomorrow’s Song’, I found myself humming along to the melody line and before I knew it, I was releasing poignant emotions, singing along with some heartfelt lyrics. I could feel the passion in every word I sang. Suddenly I knew I needed to record a vocal version of the song, a stripped-back version, vulnerable and performed with the passion this project deserves. In my mind there was only one lady for the job – A phenomenal performer, a passionate soul, an inspiration and positive role model for The Arts – the incredible Liane Carroll.  Once that seed was planted, I simply couldn’t imagine anyone more perfect to bring my vision to life. So, I followed my dream, reached for the stars and asked Liane if she would record the song with me – just her and me and a whole lot of heart and soul. Guess what? She said YES!”

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LINK: Kim Cypher’s website

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