Charged Particles + Tod Dickow play Michael Brecker (East Side Jazz, 21 March + touring until 29 March)

Paul Walker (*) writes:

Michael Brecker fans should head down to the East Side Jazz Club in  Leytonstone next Tuesday 21 March to see the Northern California-based jazz trio Charged Particles,  (Murray Low, Keyboards, Aaron Germain, Basses, and Jon Krosnick, Drums). They trio has been performing together for three decades, and will be joined by American tenor saxophonist Tod Dickow, playing the music of the late great jazz superstar Michael Brecker.

The band and Tod  have done several tours in the US and the UK performing Michael Brecker’s music even adding Michael’s brother Randy Becker on some gigs. Randy , on first hearing the band , said he had to pinch himself to remember his brother was no longer with us. 

Their tribute to Brecker has been captured on the CD “Live at the Baked Potato” to rave reviews “Favorite Jazz Releases of 2021” (JazzTimes); “Ten 2021 Albums Worth a Listen” (San Jose Mercury News); “2021’s Best Jazz Albums” (Glide Magazine); “Staggering in its authenticity.” (Bill Milkowski, author of Michael Brecker’s biography)

As well as the gig at the East Side their short tour of also visits Bristol , Bath , Ambleside , Tunbridge Wells , Paignton and Oxford.

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March 21, 2023 Eastside Jazz Club , London

March 22, 2023. The Old Duke Bristol

March 23 2023 (all day) Bath Spa University
March 24, 2023, Zeffirellis, Ambleside

March 26, 2023,The Grey Lady Tunbridge Wells
March 28, 2023, Fougou Jazz, Paignton
March 29, 2023,The Spin Jazz Club, North Hinksey Lane, Oxford

(*) Paul Walker is Artistic Director of East Side Jazz Club

LINKS Tour dates can be found on the Charged Particles website

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