Deadeye (Kit Downes, Reinier Baas, Jonas Burgwinkel) – “LIVE” EP launch at Pizza Express, 3 Apr.

L-R Jonas Burgwinkel, Kit Downes, Reinier Baas

Sebastian writes: The instrumentation of Deadeye is a Hammond trio, consisting of Kit Downes, Dutch guitarist Reinier Baas and German drummer (the uncannily Doppelgängerish!) Jonas Burgwinkel. But, as Tony Dudley-Evans pointed out in his REVIEW of their debut album for LJN: “[Downes’s] playing on the Hammond is much less dominant in the overall sound and much more integrated with the other two musicians.”

They are launching a follow-up EP “LIVE” again on the Dutch label Dox Records, and will be launching it at Pizza Express Dean Street on 3 April. It was recorded last August at the Stadtgarten in Cologne during Cologne Jazz week.

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Here’s the press release for the EP

Press release begins:

“Deadeye announces new EP ‘LIVE’
Full EP releases March 31

Three of Europe’s most forward thinking jazz musicians (Reinier Baas, Kit Downes & Jonas Burgwinkel) join forces with Deadeye. Deadeye uses the tried and tested formula of Hammond organ, drums and guitar to shed new light on the wildly diverse influences of its members. The result is a wide musical scope, in which Jazzrock, traditional British folk music and 20th-century Classical music are unified. Although all three of its members share a love for improvisation and the unexpected, they each bring something deeply personal to the table: ethereal textures, undulating yet highly danceable rhythms and angular melodies.

Following the release of their highly anticipated debut album (2022), the three band members played several shows, including a performance at the Cologne Jazzweek. This show ultimately resulted in Deadeye’s newest release, “LIVE”.

Deadeye on the recording of LIVE: “This show in a packed basement in Cologne was one of our most intense live experiences to date. The buzzing crowd, electrified atmosphere and feeling of connectedness in the room allowed this night to be what we always hope for when playing live: ‘a collective spiritual act’ (Michael Spitzer)

Release ends

Note: Kit Downes is, incidentally, also involved in two recordings which are in the pipeline for producer Sun Chung’s RedHook label: (1) a live recording featuring Balkan a capella women’s choir PJEV, Downes and saxophonist Hayden Chisholm. Medna Roso is out May 5 2023 and (2) a trio with Bill Frisell and Andrew Cyrille with compositions by all three, no release date fixed yet.

LINKS: Deadeye LIVE – on Bandcamp

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