Sultan Stevenson ‘Faithful One’ Album Launch at Jazz Cafe Camden

Photographer Melody McLaren was at the Jazz Cafe, completely packed with a young audience to see the launch of “Faithful One” (Whirlwind Recordings), with support from Oreglo and GW Jazz. Melody photographed the gig. She writes: “It really was like being whisked away to a parallel universe inhabited by screaming young music fans who adore jazz!”

Sultan Stevenson. Photo credit: Melody McLaren

The album has had rave reviews. Adam Sieff wrote for LJN: ” It’s very good indeed, not just for a 22 year-old, but for anyone.” (LINK TO REVIEW)

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Josh Short (centre) with Sultan Stevenson, Jacob Gryn and Ruben Fox. Photo by Melody McLaren

The DJ filled in the switch between the sets and massively hyped up the crowd. But what happened then was a real surprise. Melody writes: “What was stunning was that in the opening number – beautiful and slow – the noise level dropped to absolute zero. You could have heard a pin drop when the band started playing.”

Jacob Gryn. Photo credit: Melody McLaren

“When I took this shot, I looked at it through the viewfinder and couldn’t quite believe it. You can really sense the connection between Jacob Gryn and Sultan as he looks over at him, and the contrast between his extreme poise and the riotous applause going on all round. It is as if the players onstage are in their own silent bubble, and the rest of us are looking in. ”

Sultan Stevenson. Photo credit: Melody McLaren

“This album launch was a huge gig for Sultan Stevenson. He knows how to connect, in his own way, with this audience with self-discipline and commitment, and shows astonishing maturity. As they say in the world of the Mandalorian: ‘This is the way. ‘ “


“This young guest trumpeter joined Oreglo for their Passion Dance finale, finishing off a spectacular opening set.”

LINKS: Sultan Stevenson’s website

More about Oreglo on Tiktok and Instagram . Band members:  Teigan (tuba), Linus (electric guitar), C-sé (keyboards), Nicco (drummer)

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