‘Burt Bacharach: A Tribute from Ronnie Scott’s on BBC TWO

Iain Mackenzie and Elaine Delmar. Seeking permission to use screengrab.

Sebastian writes: BBC TWO has just transmitted a night of Burt Bacharach’s music recorded at Ronnie Scott’s three months before the great songwriter’s death. This is not so much of a review, more going complete train-spotter, and wait to be pulled up for errors. A review might just have one sentence. “Elaine Delmar is as ageless as her performances are timeless.” That sentence is taken from a two-part 2021 profile of Elaine Delmar by the late Tina May. (Link to articles below)


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Wives and Lovers (1963 – Iain Mackenzie)

This Guy’s in Love (1968 – Iain Mackenzie)

Do you know the Way to to San Jose (1968 – instrumental: trio with Johnny Mansfield)

The Look of Love (1967 – Elaine Delmar/ solo by Alex Garnett)

Always Something There To Remind Me (1964 – Elaine Delmar)

I’ll Never Fall in Love Again (1969 – Tara Minton / strings)

Casino Royale theme music (1967 – instrumental)

Fanfare and thee from ‘Lost Horizon’ (1973 – instrumental. Feat. Freddie Gavita)

Alfie (1966- Iain Mackenzie)

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head (1969 – Iain Mackenzie)

What’s New Pussycat (1965 – Ian Mackenzie, band as backing vox)

In Between the Heartaches ( 1966- feature for Alex Garnett)

Any Old Time of the Day  (1964 – feature for Alex Garnett)

Close to You (1963 – Elaine Delmar)

Walk on By (1964 – Elaine Delmar)

That’s What Friends Are For (1982 – Elaine Delmar, Iain Mackenzie)


James Pearson (piano/arranger/ MD/ ukelele)

Sam Burgess (bass)

Chris Higinbotham (drums)

Freddie Gavita (trumpet)

Alex Garnett (tenor saxophone)

Tara Minton (harp/vocal)

Jonny Mansfield (vibraphone, congas)

Lizzie Ball (violin)

Anna Giddey (violin)

Clifton Harrison (viola)

Gabriella Swallow (cello)


Presenter: Clive Myrie

Interviewees: James Pearson, Elaine Delmar, Iain Mackenzie, Alex Garnett,

Director: Sian Parry

Producer: Martyn Stevens

Production Manager: Sue Perry-Grech

Recorded at Ronnie Scott’s from live performances on 22 and 23 November 2022

LINKS: Watch ‘Burt Bacharach: A Tribute from Ronnie Scott’s on BBC iPlayer

Elaine Delmar. A profile in two parts by Tina May. Part One. Part Two.

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      • Its on Iplayer available to view now. It’s a great watch but the vocal performance of ‘I’ll never fall in love again’ by Tara Minton is absolutely incredible.

  1. Clicked on the link to watch on the BBC IPlayer, it’s available to watch in the UK for the next 11 months.

  2. Performances of this standard are few and far between. I recorded it and it won’t be getting wiped anytime soon. If you like Jazz or Bacharach, see it on iPlayer, you won’t be disappointed.

    • Hi Julian, I didn’t tape this fantastic performance at Ronni Scots & very much wish that I had. Any chance of a copy for my Toshiba unit?
      Thanks for your time, Ernest Smith, Lindford, Bordon GU350SR

  3. This was such a professionally produced show. Burt would be proud of the performances. James Pearson’s piano playing was exceptional as was Alex Garnett.

  4. It was a tribute that did Bacharach proud and I particularly enjoyed the vocals of Tara Minton on ‘I’ll Never Fall In Love Again’ and also the refreshingly different arrangement given the song by MD and pianist, James Pearson. Alex Garnett was absolutely superb on his two features, the rarely performed gems ‘In Between The Heartaches’ and ‘Any Old Time Of The Day’, and what a treat it was to hear the themes to ‘Casino Royale’ and ‘Lost Horizon’ played in this kind of setting, the latter featuring some sublime playing by trumpeter Freddie Gavita.

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