Eltham Jazz Club’s Tribute to Dave Colton with Jim Mullen/Nigel Price (5 October)

Georgia Mancio writes: This week (Thursday 5 October) at Eltham we have a really special night in tribute to my much missed friend, Australian guitarist, Dave Colton, on what would have been his 72nd birthday.

We have Nigel Price and Jim Mullen in quartet, plus an opening set with me and some surprise guests…

We want Dave to receive the attention and respect he always deserved and hopefully make this a special guitar night to be remembered!

Here is the tribute I wrote in 2020 (LINK):

“I was fortunate enough not only to have worked with Dave consistently for over 20 years but to have shared his friendship.

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I have never known a musician who listened or cared more, whatever the gig, whatever the setting. Always unpicking the intricacies of standards, relishing all the details, looking for the most beautiful chords and the most supportive way to accompany his fellow players. Whatever mood I left the house in, I came back happy, nurtured and at ease with myself and the world after spending a few hours in the company of this most soulful musician.

But more than that. I could – and did – talk to Dave about anything. His blend of practicality and sensitivity were rare so as much as I could ask his advice about mortgages, tax and computers, I could share personal worries and troubles without fear, knowing I would always get an honest and empathetic ear. Often the hang after a gig went on so long I’d find myself rushing for the last train home!

Dave, I am sure you knew how much I valued and loved you. Thank you for all you taught me, your encouragement, care, advice and friendship. I will miss you so much.”

LINK: Bookings for 5 October

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