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Norah Jones at the Royal Festival Hall (EFG LJF 2023)

Norah Jones
(Royal Festival Hall. 16 November 2023. EFG LJF. Review by Lavender Sutton)

Norah Jones at the RFH. Phone snap by Lavender Sutton.

This was Norah Jones‘s first European appearance since 2018. She has always been considered a “jazz” musician probably because she sings and plays the piano and her songs tend to lean into some slightly crunchier chords and harmonies than the other pop on the radio. 

In reality though, her influences seem to be infinite and her abilities surprisingly more than just singing and playing the piano. At Royal Festival Hall as part of the EFG London Jazz Festival, Jones was joined by her band: guitarist, Dan Iead, bassist Chris Morrissey and longtime drummer Brian Blade. Jones played the piano, Fender Rhodes and several different guitars throughout the night, constantly shifting her position around the stage. Each song had a different feel to it, a bit of blues in Turn Me On and country with Don’t Know What It Means.

The evening consisted of a collection of her music through the years and of course featured the well known classics like Don’t Know Why, Sunrise and Come Away With Me. Although, each one took a surprising turn. Each arrangement had been altered just enough to satisfy the ears of her die hard fans but also to spark interest and probably give her own band something new and creative to build upon. 

She was everything you’d expect her to be, sultry and moody but also funny and sweet. Just the right amount of improvising and tempo variations but the most pleasurable evening of good quality music. 

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LINK: LJN coverage of Norah Jones
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  1. Norah Jones is the epitome of Jazz, blue and gospel music.
    Gifted divinely with the beautiful taste and aroma to inspire both her musicians, fans near and far !!
    Truly immeasureably more one asks or imagines 🌹💓🎶🎊

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