Review: Gill Manly

Review: Gill Manly(Ronnie Scott’s January 2nd 2010, review by Sarah Ellen Hughes) The backdrop of the club’s bandstand still has the 50th Anniversary logo emblazoned: “Ronnie Scott’s – presenting the finest jazz […]

Links we like

Far down there on the right hand side is a list links: blogging folk and other interesting sources of information. Two new ones this weekend are: Alex Bonney’s Loop Collective blog which […]

Mr and Mrs J Cullum

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Jamie Cullum who were married yesterday, Saturday January 9th. LINK TO OUR JAMIE CULLUM 2010 CHELTENHAM FESTIVAL REVIEW LINK TO OUR 2010 JAMIE CULLUM PROM REVIEW

The Honours System

I thought I’d leave a discussion of jazz and the British honours system until we got to the 60th anniversary of the introduction of rationing, which falls today. The press never points […]

Gwilym Simcock

Allaboutjazz has just published a fascinating in-depth interview by Ian Patterson with Gwilym Simcock (Photo credit:Garry Corbett) under the title “It’s all just music”. A few snippets: -Gwilym currently has his head […]