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Sean Gibbs Quintet – ‘When Can I See You Again?’

Sean Gibbs Quintet – When Can I See You Again?
(Ubuntu Music. Review by Tony Dudley-Evans)

Sean Gibbs hails from Edinburgh but is now London based, after having spent four very productive years on the jazz course at Birmingham Conservatoire. He was always one of the stars there, both as a trumpeter and a composer. While there, he recorded his first album for a big band formed from players from the Conservatoire, both students and graduates. That album was titled simply Burns, and featured compositions inspired by the work and language of the poet.

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Since graduation he has moved to London, but retains his links with both Scotland and Birmingham, playing with the Scottish National Jazz Orchestra and with The Young Pilgrims, Birmingham’s alternative marching band.

On this, his second quintet album, Gibbs is joined by Riley Stone-Lonergen on tenor saxophone, Rob Brockway on piano, Calum Gourlay on double bass and Jay Davis on drums. The tunes played are all originals penned by Gibbs, and they reveal his ability to write attractive and inventive compositions that have their own value, but are also good vehicles for improvisation.

Each composition leads into a sequence of solos from each member of the quintet. Gibbs has an excellent bright tone on the trumpet, and his solos are full of invention and nice surprises. A particular highlight is the ballad Mary on which Gibbs’ tone on the trumpet comes across particularly well.

Gibbs is ably supported throughout the album by the rest of the quintet, and there are fine solos from all concerned.  The result is a nicely balanced album.

LINK: When Can I See You Again? on Bandcamp

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